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Land with strategic position – One of the best investment options
Low Risk: Strategically located land is the most safest investment. Historically the price of land has always gone up.
That is because there is limited amount of land. With the constant growth in population your land will always be in
demand hence the chances of you losing money is very slim.
Ownership: When you buy land there is a pride of ownership. The most striking feature of land investment is
that investment takes place in a tangible asset which the investors can readily put into use.
Flexibility: Land and lots offer flexibility. Depending upon the zoning, you will find that there is a great deal of flexibility
in how the land is developed.
High potential: Vacant land investment can be more easily converted into some other real estate property, such as
a residential building, commercial complex, malls, logistic properties, etc.
High ROI: Big potential for profit. Depending upon the land location and the demand, you can see significant profit if
you are willing to hold the land for the future.
Real Estates Offer Strategic positioned land property in Sibiu Airport area
Real Estate Type: Construction Land Plot / Investment Object Owner: Ask your Real Estate Dealer
Location: Located near the West Industrial Area, across Sibiu international Airport, in the vicinity of Sibiu customs
and next to the traffic circle which links Sibiu city and the National Road DN1 with the bypass road of Sibiu
(which is part of AradTimisoaraBucharest
Highway, IVth
Size: 48.000 sqm
Opening: 230m
Destination: Construction Land Plot
Recomended use: commercial centre, sales representations, office buildings, airport hotel, logistics centres
The townplanning
certificates include economic and technical data of the land property:
Development Potential: up to 80% of the surface
Maximum height: for offices, showrooms, galleries, hotels, shopping centers: ground floor + 4 floors,
warehouses, industrial production & logistic halls: ground floor + 1 floor.